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The Ord is a blog, podcast, and just about everything entertaining. At least the stuff that entertains me. Sci-Fi, Sports, Gadgets, Star Wars (lots of Star Wars), Movies, TV, Books (probably not many books), Technology, Gaming, and just about anything else I like whether in the moment or something I have always had a passion for will be here. Like Crossfit, man I live eat and breathe Crossfit. So I may talk about that too!

There is a weekly podcast here and we have yours truly, Jeff Cisler (JC), & Ted Ernwine (Drama) as the host who bring you more entertainment than a festering sore has pus – this is “The Ord

Oh, cannot forget to mention that is even more of me and the much better half of me Nicole with a weekly podcast called The Nick & Jake Show. We have 3 kids and have been married a long time and still are so madly in love with each other it might make you sick. One of the reasons we still have this love for each other is because we love to laugh at each other and at ourselves. We have the same issues as everyone else and plan on sharing them all laughing the entire time.